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Do your workloads in production rely on Leapp?

Get help via email, chat, and phone/video from the creators of Leapp.

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Enterprise Support

Your enterprise support from Leapp’s team

We offer an enterprise support plan including:

Initial Setup

Get an initial assessment on your Cloud environment to verify that your access strategies are compliant with the full set of Leapp functionalities.


Get help from the creators of Leapp via email, chat (private Slack channel), and phone/video (scheduled Meet calls).

Prioritizing bug fixing

We guarantee that we will start working on a fix within an agreed-upon time frame.

Customer Features

We ensure new features (improvements) implementation within an agreed-upon time frame.


Get a Demo and Webinar for your team to get the best out of Leapp.

You may be thinking…

  • How long does it take the initial assessment?
    We can usually finish the entire assessment project in two weeks.
  • What do you mean by ''Initial assessment''?

    The assessment consists of an in-depth review of your Cloud infrastructure to help your company's developers to take advantage of Leapp fully.

    At the end of the assessment, you'll get a list of recommended improvements to make your infrastructure 100% Leapp compliant.

  • Are these improvements included in my plan?

    The support plan does NOT include improvements.

    Your organization will be in charge of these tasks; Our team will be available for implementation if needed at a rate of 2500$/day.

  • How long do I have to wait for Troubleshooting?

    Response time matches the default Service-Level Agreement.

    However, for specific needs, you can define a custom SLA in agreement with our team.

    Our team will handle your requests via Email, Chat, Slack private channel, or phone call.

  • * Can you implement any feature the company requests?

    It is not always possible to implement customer requests. acceptable requests must be:

    • Small features that can be built within some agreed-upon time frame, such as N business days
    • Generic features that are helpful to most Leapp users.

    We can prioritize only in-roadmap features.

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