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Create your own plugin


  • Where to find the plugin template?
    You can find the template to start coding your own plugin in our repository.
  • How to find installed plugins on my machine?
    Open the option panel in Leapp Desktop App and go to the Plugin tab, click the folder icon in the top right corner of the tab, just under the search input.
  • How to install a plugin?
    Click one of the cards, the system will ask to open the file with Leapp, click 'yes' and wait for the installation to finish. You can also insert the plugin name in Leapp Desktop App in the Plugin tab.
  • How to uninstall a plugin?
    Simply remove the folder of the plugin you want to delete; see 'How to find installed plugins on my machine' to open the plugins folder.
  • How to use a plugin?
    You can start a plugin from the contextual menu of each session compatible with it, by right-clicking the session. You can also start a plugin from Leapp CLI by using the command leapp session run-aws-credential-plugin.
  • How to contribute with my own plugin?
    Go to the plugin template repository, clone the repository, fill the necessary properties in the package.json, add your plugin icon.png, and finally follow our README.md for a complete tutorial and guide on how to build your very own plugin!
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