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Rebranding as part of something bigger

As many of you may have noticed, we recently introduced a new Leapp version, along with some very important changes: both in UI/UX and functionalities side.

Another breaking change occurred: we completely rebranded.

We wanted to make our strategy and vision clear to our community: being part of a bigger project: Noovolari.

We Are Noovolari. We make Leapp

We Are Noovolari. The company that makes leapp.

Even if all of you know us because of Leapp. We create products that aim to revolutionize working in complex multiple cloud environments, allowing users to focus on growing their business.

We wanted to define a new image to put our community and us on the same mindset.

Our mission is to change all creative work from read-only to read-write so that everyone can contribute. When everyone can contributeconsumers become contributors to build standards together.

With all these in mind, we had big objectives. We wanted to step up on the way we intended Leapp and decided to renew ourselves!

A new captivating logo, a better-defined color scheme, a new copy for our website, and much more. We love to build trust with transparency.


Leapp with a new Identity

When we created our first logo for Leapp more than a year ago, we must admit that we did it in a hurry!

It is common in the startups’ world to feel the need of acting fast to rush into the market, and, in this process, something is often left behind, with regret.

Today, Leapp has grown in a fully-fledged project, sustained by the community and adopted by many specialists worldwide. Now it is finally time to slow down and do some new make-up.

So, without further ado, let’s start!

Leapp’s magic formula

We really hope that none of you will miss the old “winged L”, we certainly not! Instead, it is the perfect start to show up something even bigger.

As we said, we are Noovolari. We want to create an ecosystem of tools orbiting around the brand.

To do so, we came up with some valuable guidelines, both formal and conceptual.

We all agreed that it all comes to an identity that wants to be:

Creating an identity for a product is not a simple task.

Nonetheless, after days and nights of work, we managed to define a magic formula, somewhat mathematical (well, we are still Engineers 😃), to find the way, both for today and for the years to come.

🔥 Allegory + Name + Emotional Values = Identity

It may seem a bit pretentious, but let’s dive deep!



We needed more than a winged-Letter to represent the link between our community members and us.

During the last year, we had precious opportunities to hear from our community about how Leapp changed Devs’ life.

Everyone was celebrating Leapp’s ability to speed up and ease the way developers could switch from a Cloud account to another lighting-fast:

“Jump in a second”. “Speed up”. “The thunder”. “A flash”. “The Cloud”.

Wait a minute, a flash! The perfect allegory for Leapp translated to a symbol: ⚡


We never wanted to change the name. Letter L was there to stay.

Emotional Values

What really made the difference for Leapp growth was the high involvement shown by the community since the very start of the project.

Many people worked with us, hand in hand, with a common goal in mind. We linked together.

We wanted to celebrate this valuable cooperation in our symbology: Shapes and colours fuse together in harmony.

By mixing everything together, we got the new logo.

We are people, and we build with people.

We are a team, and we are all developers.
That is why Leapp is open-source, and that is why our community is precious.

We are community-inspired, and we want to inspire the community.

We want users to identify with our values. We want them to benefit from the projects we build. We want people to share our mission.

There are many ways to be part of the community today:

We want this process to continue and evolve, bringing more people to trust our brand.

To do so, we are releasing an evangelism program, and you can take part in it right now: email us or join our Slack channel!

We can be pro

As we are growing, Leapp is not only limited to the open-source version.

Leapp Pro will be an enhanced version that responds to compelling requests about better trust and stability, perfect to match companies’ security, diligence, and resiliency standards.

Interested in this? Join the community or email us to stay up to date!

Also, we plan to release a team and multi-team version to facilitate collaboration between professionals while meeting Governance needs.

We know it will not finish here.

We know that rebranding is not the end of the journey, but now, we’re proud to say: we have something that fits!

That’s all for now. Join our Slack community to have a chat and see you online!




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For small companies and teams IAM access



For organization’s additional security and control

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